Yarn Count Part-I


A count is a number indicating the mass per unit length or length per unit mass of yarn

Yarn Counting system

✓ Direct System

✓ Indirect System


The weight of a fixed length of yarn is determined. The weight per unit length is the yarn count. The common features of direct count systems are the length of yarn is fixed and the weight of yarn varies according to its fineness.

Direct System

➤ Tex System, Tt

➤ Denier, De

➤ Decitex, dtex

➤ Militex, mtex

The following table will be helpful for you:

SystemUnit weightUnit lengthUses
Tex1 Gram1,000mPolyester
Denier1 Gram9,000mLycra
D-Tex1 Pound10,000mLycra
Pounds/ SpyndlePounds/ Spindle14400ydsJute

Indirect System

In this system, the yarn count expresses the number of the length in one weight unit. That means the Weight Unit is fixed & the Length Unit is variable here.

Points should remember during the indirect count

  • In the indirect count system, weight is fixed.
  • Higher the yarn number finer the yarn and
  • Lower the yarn number and coarser the yarn.

Indirect System:

✓ English count (Ne)

 ✓ Metric count (Nm)

✓Woolen count (Ysw)

✓Worsted count (Nek)

✓ Linen Count (Nel)

Indirect System:

SystemUnit weightUnit lengthUses
English (Ne)1 lb840 ydsCotton yarn
Metric (Nm)1 kg1 kmCotton yarn
Worsted1 lb560 ydsWorsted yarn
Woolen1 lb256 ydsWoolen yarn

Note: Woolen and Worsted Systems-The basic difference between the two are that in the Worsted system all short fibers are removed and the remaining long ones are aligned parallel. In the Woolen system, there is no removal of short fibers, so some fibers lie parallel and others randomly.

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