Written questions for MTO washing R&D

Part 1

1.what is textile yarn and textile fiber?

2.difference between woven and knit fabric?

3.what is elaboration form of ISO,BGMEA,BSTI?

4.What is amine? Explain basic oder of 1,2,3 degree of aromatic amine??

5.what is chemical structure of following ….Tartaric acid, D-glucose, naphthalene, sodium metabysulphite, ethylene glycol.??

6.what is enzyme? Classification of enzyme and how involved enzyme in wet processing plant??

7.Formulate the formula among centigrade, Fahrenheit and Romar scales?

Part 2

1.Make sentence use following word …. At least, as soon as, look after, according to, give up.

2.write about future prospect of garments industry in Bangladesh?

3.write an application to managing director of standard group for a suitable position?

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