What is Shade? What light is used to see the shade?

Diti, for example, collects waste fabric from various sources such as tailors, boutiques, weavers, and block printers to create art for walls and homes.

Sirohi works with women artisans from disadvantaged communities, teaching them to upcycle leftover plastic and textile waste using traditional Indian techniques. They handcraft their products using natural or upcycled materials.

Opaque Studio repurposes old furniture and uses sustainable materials like cane, jute, and terracotta to create aesthetically pleasing candle holders, planters, and ottomans.

Design5 transforms discarded wood into decorative items such as wall photo frames, tray boxes, and candlesticks, which are hand-painted with delicate Indian motifs.

Rimagined focuses on recycling materials like empty wine bottles, old rags, and car tires to craft cushioned stools, baskets, vases, and spice racks.

Artisanns Nest utilizes surplus materials to create regal and patterned cushion covers and bean bags through the patchwork technique.

The Retyrement Plan upcycles urban waste materials like used tires, textile ropes, cane, and bamboo, collaborating with skilled urban migrant artisans to produce colorful furniture such as chairs, pouffes, stools, and swings. These brands are at the forefront of turning waste into cool and eco-friendly home decor, contributing to a more sustainable future

I am a textile professional. One of my goals is to give something new by using my skills and talent in the RMG sector. It is also my responsibility to work towards the success of others through CTS.

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