The ‘BUTEX A’ team achieved a significant accomplishment by securing second place in the EFL category at the ‘Malaysia UADC 2023’, marking a moment of pride for them.

The team called “BUTEX A,” consisting of three students named Ahnaf Sharar Hossain, Ittesaf Rahman, and Tamzidur Rahman Bhuiyan, achieved a historic milestone by securing second place in the EFL (English as a foreign language) category at the Malaysian United Asian Debating Championship (UADC) 2023. This tournament is widely recognized as one of the top international English debate competitions in the world. The Bangladesh University of Textiles Debating Club (BUTEXDC), particularly its English wing, takes great pride in this accomplishment.

The UADC is Asia’s largest inter-varsity parliamentary debate tournament, featuring debates in the Asian format of parliamentary debate. It represents the efforts to bridge the division that emerged in Asian debating, combining the Asian Universities Debating Championship and the All-Asian Intervarsity Debating Championships.

Ahnaf Sharar Hossain, one of the debaters, expressed their excitement, stating that representing BUTEX on the international stage and gaining recognition has been a long-term goal for the BUTEX Debating Club. The team’s hard work, preparation, and strategic planning have paid off, making this achievement a joyous moment for all members of the BUTEX community.

The competition was conducted online and saw the participation of 120 teams from across Asia. It spanned three days, from June 16th to June 18th, and comprised a total of eight tab rounds, with the “BUTEX A” team emerging victorious in four rounds.

This international achievement holds significant importance for both the esteemed debating club and the university itself. It showcases the commitment of the Bangladesh University of Textiles to contribute to the nation’s progress and cultivate leadership in the textile industry, as demonstrated by these talented students.

Avishek Chanda, President of BUTEXDC, highlighted the significance of this achievement, not only for the debating club but also for the entire university. He commended the hard work, extensive research, and dedication exhibited by Ahnaf, Ittesaf, and Tamzid. Their accomplishments have set a benchmark for the club and serve as an inspiration.

BUTEXDC is recognized as one of the most promising clubs at Bangladesh University of Textiles, nurturing the intellectual growth of the new generation through the practice of debating. While the club has gained prominence at the national level, this recent achievement has opened doors for them to make their mark on the international stage.

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