SWOT analysis is a globally accepted process to identify an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  And accordingly one can fix one’s career goal.  My writing is mainly for textile background but others can take ideas from here if they want….

Strength : First think about where your strength is.  Which one do you like to do?  If you are in textile sector then you think if you have the ability to take pressure then Merchandising is good opportunity for you.  If you have ability to take physical stress and pressure then Production is good place for you.  If you are good at planning then your ideal place would be IE & planning department.
Think about what your areas of interest and strength are.  Set goals accordingly. Remember you live in a country where about 85% of income comes from this textile sector.  This is the biggest strength for you.  And for those who are non-textile, there are opportunities in several departments such as HR, Supply Chain, Project Management, Civil, Environment Specialist in this sector.  So it is understood that there is no shortage of opportunities.  But for this the remaining three key-points and analysis have to be done.

Weakness : Now think about your weaknesses. You can play good football but you are asked to bowl in cricket.  The matter has not become two poles??  Football is your strength and cricket is your weakness.  It is normal that you will not enjoy cricket.  Now let’s take the example of textile as you can reduce the negotiation in this case you must not move to Merchandising.  Because here the work of negotiation is more.  If you go to this place, the possibility of your fall is very high.  Similarly, if you do not have the ability to work in the midst of excessive heat, noise, dust, then spinning, knitting will be better.  Because these are comparatively more in this sector.  Ideal place for these people can be R&D, Lab these places.
However, if you can catch your own weaknesses and develop them, it is not impossible to move in that direction.

Opportunity : Another interesting thing is if you notice that a textile graduate is at least not unemployed after passing. Where as many other backgrounds are unemployed.  This is the biggest opportunity for textile students.  But as a student you should definitely find out where your opportunity is.  If any of your known relative, elder brother or teacher is in Knitting section then you should keep good relationship with them and move to Knitting section because you have more opportunities there.  Those who don’t have one would be advised to introduce themselves to others through various social media.  You will see that a network of its own has been created.  This is how Opportunity grows.  Participate in various seminars, trainings.  Chances will increase a lot.

Threats : The bad news is that the condition of the textile sector is good as well as there are some bad things which are moving forward and backward in this sector. It is a threat for us.  But we have to develop ourselves strongly and create opportunities to get more practical knowledge.  Otherwise, the dominance of foreigners in domestic textiles will increase.  For that we need to build a good network.  I won’t mention names but we have some famous domestic industries whose top level is filled with Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis.  Why do they dominate??  Of course they are more qualified.  In this case, my suggestion would be not to drive them away but to come in contact with them and learn to work hard.  When I become strong on my own there will be no turning back.

Now combine the above four points and see which one gives you better results.  You will understand yourself what you should do.  Create career goals now through SWOT Analysis.

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