Study on dismantling & reassembling a circular knitting machine.

Dismantling and reassembling a circular knitting machine is a meticulous and essential task in the textile and apparel industry. Circular knitting machines are used to create a wide range of knit fabrics, and maintaining and servicing these machines is crucial to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. The ability to disassemble and reassemble such equipment is vital for machine maintenance, repairs, and adjustments, allowing textile manufacturers to produce high-quality fabrics consistently.


– To acquire knowledge on the disassembly process of a knitting machine.

– To understand the procedures for cleaning a knitting machine.

– To develop the skills necessary to identify and resolve issues that may arise in knitting machines.

Dismantling Process:

1. Start by loosening the belt.

2. Deactivate all sensors.

3. Cut the yarn to free it from the machine.

4. Use air pressure to blow away dust and debris.

5. Halt the lubrication process.

6. Open the knit cam components.

7. Open the sinker box.

8. Access the needles by opening them.

9. Utilize an air gun to clean the machine’s cylinder.

Reassembling Process:

1. Begin by reattaching the components that were opened, such as the sinker box and knit cam.

2. Reinsert and secure the needles into their respective positions.

3. Re-establish the yarn path and ensure it’s properly threaded through the machine.

4. Restart the lubrication process if necessary.

5. Reactivate all sensors to monitor machine operation.

6. Reconnect and adjust the belt to its proper tension.

7. Verify that the machine is clean and free from dust and debris.

8. Perform any necessary tests or adjustments to ensure the machine operates smoothly.

9. Confirm that the reassembled machine is ready for use and can produce high-quality knit fabric.

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