Some interesting facts about muslin fabric

  1. Muslin was originally made from a type of cotton known as “footy corpus.”
  2. The name “Muslin” is derived from the city of Mosul in Iraq.
  3. Muslin is a term given by Europeans.
  4. Handwoven muslin required a minimum of 300 counts of yarn, making it as transparent as glass.
  5. There were approximately 28 different varieties of muslin.
  6. “Jamdani” is a type of muslin fabric.
  7. Muslin production in Bengal ceased by the end of the 18th century for various reasons.
  8. Muslin was also known during the Golden Age of the Roman Empire.
  9. A piece of muslin cloth could easily be passed through a ring.
  10. A muslin cloth in the Dhaka Museum measures 10 yards in length and 1 yard in width but weighs only 7 tons.
  11. The finest quality muslin is referred to as “ointment.”
  12. It used to take up to 6 months to create a high-quality piece of muslin.
  13. Clothes collected for emperors were called “Malbus Khas,” while those collected for Nawabs were called “Sarkar-i-Ala.”
  14. The Mughal government appointed an officer with the title “Daroga” or “Daroga-i-Malbus Khas” to oversee the preparation of muslin for emperors and nawabs.
  15. In 1747, the value of cotton cloth (mainly fine muslin) exported from Dhaka and collected for emperors and nawabs was worth twenty-eight lakh fifty thousand taka.
  16. Muslin sarees are so delicate that they adhere to the dewy morning.
  17. In 1851, muslin gained significant attention at the London Spring Exhibition.
  18. While Dhaka is associated with muslin, it was originally produced in the Sonargaon area of East Bengal. Some places in Dhaka were famous for their high-quality muslin, and exceptionally fine muslin was crafted in the jungle houses of Kishoreganj.
  19. The special yarn used to make muslin was about 250 miles in length for one pound.
  20. The fine muslin yarn was so delicate that it had to be cut in the cool and gentle atmosphere of the morning or evening. Many believed that only girls between the ages of 18 and 30 could cut this thread.

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