Small Scale T-Shirt Business

T-shirt round neck which many would say is 180-190 GSM. That’s wrong 90% of the time Because 180-190 GSM means relatively thick fabric. And on the page of maximum social platform, you will see that they say GSM-180 to tell the customer that the quality of the cloth is good. Yes round neck t-shirts are made 180-190 GSM but this is only for Europe. Because it is relatively cold there There may be some in our country that enter the market before the cold.

130-150 GSM is perfect for our country. Now let’s see which brand to buy. JAZZ, Nz, Roy, Id, Malfini these brands are more popular in our country. Jazz goes more to Saudi or Middle East. Those are thinner fabrics. Best for our country are ID and Malfini clothes. Id is a bit thicker and Malfini is a bit thinner than that. But these two are the best for our country’s weather. Both range from 135-150/55 GSM. And GSM 130/140/150 means that this is not a bad cloth. The number of GSM just changes for the weather of one country or continent.

And these clothes can be found in Narayanganj, Savar and Gazipur. All original. Sold by the kg. If you buy clothes and make t-shirts yourself, you will not find them in yards. It will be bought by the kg, the clothes will be dyed. Again you can find it at Sadarghat but in that case it is better to take someone with experience.

Now, if you make a t-shirt, where will you make it from? Savar, Narayanganj, Ashulia, Gazipur garments do not take orders below 1700/2000 pieces. Because their profit is less in this t-shirt. So if you want to make 100/200 back then you have to go for small garments. There are many small garments in Uttara, Mirpur. But monitoring should be done so that they make t-shirts with your clothes.
200-220 GSM Perfect for PK polo

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