Shasha Denims intends to allocate Tk155 crore for the expansion of its weaving capacity.

To meet the increasing demand for its products, Shasha Denims Ltd plans to invest approximately Tk155 crore in expanding its production capacity. The company intends to install 105 weaving machines at its plot in the Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ), with expectations of generating additional annual revenue of Tk350 crore.

The project is set to be implemented within one year, funded through a combination of the company’s own resources and bank loans. The expanded capacity will enable the company to fulfill orders without subcontracting. Additionally, Shasha Denims plans to invest in GA Garments Ltd, utilizing a shed worth Tk26 crore for establishing a new plant, subject to approval from shareholders. An Extraordinary General Meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2023, to seek shareholders’ consent for the investment. Shasha Denims is a listed company involved in the production, dyeing, weaving, finishing, and export of denim fabric.

Its financial performance has shown growth, with a consolidated net profit of Tk18.33 crore for July to December 2022 and consolidated earnings per share of Tk1.33 as of December 2022. The company’s shares are held by sponsors, directors, institutions, and the general public.

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