Requirement Of Drafting Arrangement   

The drafting arrangement is the heart of draw frame and thus the part which influence the quality. The requirements placed on the drafting arrangement in general is correspondingly high.

  • Simple, uncomplicated construction. 
  • Stable design with the smooth running of the rollers.
  • A mode of operation giving a high quality of the product even at high running speed.
  • The high degree of flexibility i,e. suitable for all raw materials.
  • Optimal control over the movement of fibres during the drafting operations.
  • High precision both on operation and adjustment.
  • Rapid and simple adjustability of roller spacing and draft levers.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleanings.
  • Optimal economic design.

    Process parameter of Draw Frame:
  • Delivery speed up to 1000 meters per minute.
  • Sliver weight: Feed 60-70 grain per yards and Delivery 55-60 grain per yards.
  • Draft: 6-8.
  • Doubling: 6-8.
  • Wastage 0.5%.
  • Efficiency: 80-85%.

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