Maarten Baas wraps jet in denim for G-Star RAW

Dutch designer Maarten Baas has collaborated with brand G-Star RAW to create an exhibition at Milan design week that comprises a denim-wrapped private plane and jean-shaped cabinetry.

Titled More or Less, the exhibition intends to highlight the possibilities of denim outside of garment production as well as discuss habits of overconsumption and the need for more and less.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a fifteen-meter-long private jet that was covered entirely in recycled G-Star RAW jeans to form a denim skin across its surface.

“I like the inner dialogue that we all have. We want more, we want luxury, and we’re all consumers, and at the same we might feel guilty and there’s this call for less,” Baas told Dezeen. “Instead of acting as if we’re saving the world with some green design, we prefer addressing the duality.”

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