Loofah fiber/Loofah sponge

Luffa is a tropical vines in the cucumber family.   Loofah/sponge can be spelled as luffah, luffa, loufa or just called luff.

Introduction of loofah fiber/loofah sponge:

The fruit may be allowed to ripe and used as a bath or kitchen sponger after being reused to remove everything except xylem fibers. However, the flesh disappears leaving only the stringy shell and seeds, which can be fluently shaken out, If the loofah is allowed to completely grow and also dried on the vine. It is retailed as luffa or loofah and which is used as a body mite in the shower.

Role in food chain:

Luffas are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species, including Hypercompe albicornis.

Mechanical properties

The luffa sponge is a  natural cellular material. These conductors frequently parade exceptional mechanical parcels at low consistency. While their mechanical performance tends to fall behind manmade conducts ,  similar as blends, pottery, plastics, and mixes, as a structural material, they’ve long term sustainability for the natural terrain. When compressed longitudinally, a luffa sponge is  suitable to absorb similar energy per unit mass as aluminum foam. Luffa bloodsuckers are composed of a complex network of fiber packets connected to form a 3- dimensional,  largely- pervious network.  The hierarchical structure of luffa bloodsuckers results in mechanical parcels that vary with the  element of sponger tested. Specifically, the mechanical parcels of fiber packets differ from those of blocks from the bulk of the sponger, which differ from those of the cross sections of the entire sponger. 

Uses of Loofah Sponge

1.  It is effective for washing up around the house and making a great bath time. 

 2. These domestic bloodsuckers work prodigies on dregs and make a  scrape-free option for drawing delicate demitasse. It also help to remove lawn marks when used with your favorite laundry pre-treater.

3.The same loofah can be used again and  again . Also handed you keep it clean after every use and give it to dry. You may hang it on the clothesline or put it in your dish drainer between uses.

4.  This sponger also makes as a  gift which set up success at  planter’s request, craft shows, and online at spots like eBay and Etsy. 

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/0npaci7kPnA

Simanta Debnath
Department of Textile Engineering
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

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