List of Machinery used in Garments Industry

List of Cutting Machines used in Garments Industry

1.      Straight knife cutting machine

2.      Band knife cutting machine

3.      Round knife cutting machine

4.      Die-cutting machine

5.      Notcher cutting machine

6.      Drill cutting machine

7.      Computer-controlled knife cutting machine

8.      Laser beam cutting machine

9.      Water Jet cutting machine

10.  Plasma torch cutting machine

11.  Ribbon cutting machine

Other Machines used in the cutting section

1.      Fabrics Relaxation machine

2.      Cloth cutting machine

3.      Cloth Drill Machine

4.      End Cutter Machine

5.      Spreading machine

List of Sewing Machines Used in Garments Industry

  1. Lock stitch sewing machine + auto thread trimmer
  2. Lock stitch vertical edge trimmer
  3. Flatbed 2 needle double chain stitch
  4. 2 needle feed-of-the-arm
  5. 2 needle lock stitch machine
  6. Lock stitch buttonhole machine
  7. Lock stitch button sewing machine
  8. Backtracking machine
  9. 4 needle double chain stitch
  10. 33 needle, flatbed double chain stitch
  11. 33 needle, flatbed single chain stitch
  12. 1 needle zigzag (fagoting) machine
  13. Collar point trimming & turning
  14. Collar blocking machine
  15. Cuff blocking machine
  16. Collar contour trimming machine
  17. Pneumatic collar notcher
  18. Collar contour trimming machine
  19. Sleeve placket fusing rotary.
  20. Pneumatic steam pocket creasing
  21. Collar down button lining feeding
  22. Pneumatic shirt folding table
  23. Vacuum ironing table
  24. Cool head collar creasing press
  25. Lock stitch sewing machine
  26. Lock stitch buttonholing machine
  27. Lock stitch button sewing machine
  28. Backtracking machine
  29. Racing pf puller
  30. Direct Drive Motor Dry Head with Auto Trimmer and Auto Foot Lifter
  31. Belt Drive Semi Lubricated Sewing Machine with Edge Cutter
  32. Direct Drive Motor Dry Head with Needle Feeding and Auto Trimmer/Auto Foot Lifter
  33. Special Machine of Auto Zig
  34. 3 Thread Safety Stitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer & Lint Collector
  35. 4 Thread Safety Stitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer & Lint Collector                       
  36. 2 Needle 4 Thread Double Chain Stitch
  37. 6 Thread Safety Stitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer & Lint Collector
  38. 2 Needle, 5 Thread Safety Chain Stitch
  39. 2 Needle Chain Stitch Flat Bed Machine for Bottom Feed
  40. 3 Needle Chain Stitch Cylinder Bed (Feed Off the Arm) Machine
  41. Computer Controlled Direct Drive High-Speed Lock Stitch Button Attaching Machine
  42. Computer Controlled Direct Drive High-Speed Bartacking Machine
  43. 4 Needles, Flat Bed, Double Chain Stitch Machine with Rear Puller
  44. Motor Controlled Direct Drive High Speed, Lock Stitch Buttonholing Machine
  45. Twin Needle Belt Drive Split Needle Bar Lock Stitcher with Large Hook & Thread Trimmer
  46. Direct Drive Motor Dry Head with Auto Trimmer and Auto Foot Lifter & Computer Controller
  47. 1 Thread Twin Needle Pick Stitch Machine
  48. Single Needle with Puller Bottom Hemming Machine
  49. Computer Controlled Direct Drive Eyelet Buttonholing Machine with Auto Thread Trimmer
  50. Micro Processor Controlled Automatic Pattern Sewing Machine
  51. Computer Controlled Automatic Pocket Welting Sewing Machine
  52. Vacuum/Blow Iron Table with Full Steam Heated Wide & Narrow Iron
  53. Topper (Steam/Air Blow Finishing Station)
  54. Thread Sucking Machine
  55. Vertical Cutter
  56. Micro Computer Controlled Spreading Machine with Roll Loader & End Catcher Device
  57. Fusing Machine with Digital Controlled Heating Zones
  58. Band Knife Machine with Inverter Controlled Motor
  59. P.P. Carton Belting Machine
  60. Velcro Cutting Machine with Rounded Edge Cutting Device
  61. Thread Rewinding Machine (Reckoning)
  62. Loop Cutting Machine
  63. Blind Stitch Machine
  64. Button Wrapping and Knotting Machine
  65. Darts & Pleats Machine
  66. 3 Needle 5 Stitch Interlock Cover Stitch Machine
  67. 3 Needle 5 Thread Interlock Cover Stitch Left Cutter Machine
  68. Single Needle Shadow Stitch
  69. 3 Needle Chain Stitch Flat Bed Machine for Bottom Feed
  70. Side Seam Pressing Machine
  71. Trousers Top Pressing Machine
  72. Trousers Double Leg Pressing Machine
  73. Trousers Single Leg Pressing Machine
  74. Seat Seam Pressing Machine
  75. Chain Stitch Yoke Tag Machine
  76. Inner and Outer Waist Band Joining
  77. Back Rise Process
  78. Back Rise Tendom
  79. Rectangular Sewing machines
  80. Velcro attach machine (Automatic pattern sewing machine)
  81. Velcro automatic cutting machine
  82. Waist Band Fusing Attachment Machine
  83. Fly Top Stitch Automatic Machine
  84. Pocket Facing Automatic Machine
  85. Serging Automatic Machine
  86. Heel Tape Attaching Machine
  87. Endless Zipper Attaching Machine
  88. Auto Feet Endless Zipper Stopper Attaching Machine
  89. Blind Hem Loop Making Machine without Cutter with Fusing Device
  90. Trouser Crotch Seam Opening Machine
  91. Waist Band Ironing Press Machine
  92. Auto Cutter Machine
  93. Hem Pressing Machine
  94. Spot Tacking Machine
  95. Waist Band Blind Stitch
  96. Slitting & Rolling Machine
  97. Bias Making & Rolling Machine
  98. Zig Cutter Machine
  99. Direct Drive Motor Dry Head Top Feed with Auto Trimmer and Auto Foot Lifter
  100. Super Crease Machine
  101. 3 Needle Double Chain Stitch Flat Bed Machine for Bottom Feed
  102. Saddle Stitch Machine
  103. APW sewing Machine
  104. Flatlock machine
  105. Flatseam Machine
  106. Feed of the Arm Sewing Machine
  107.  Cover stitch Machine

List of machinery used in the garments washing industry

1.      Sideloading Washing Machine

2.      Front-loading Washing Machine

3.      Hydro Extractor Machine

4.      Dryer Machine (Steam)

5.      Dryer Machine (Gas)

6.      Chemical Mixture Machine

7.      Industrial Oven (Gas/Electric)

8.      Grinding Machine

9.      Tagging Machine

10.  Laser Machine

11.  P.P. Spray gun

12.  Steam chamber for crinkle

13.  ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

14.  Sand Blasting Gun

15.  Sand Blasting chamber

16.  Curing Machine

List of Machinery used in Garments Finishing process

1.      Snap Attach Full Pneumatic Machine

2.      Shank Button attached machine

3.      Carton staple machine

4.      Iron cap

5.      Iron plate

6.      Light checking box

7.      Moisture meter

8.      Scissor

9.      Snap button attached machine

10.  Spray gun

11.  Stand-up shirt folding table

12.  Steam iron pressing or Ironing

13.  Tag gun

14.  Thread sucking machine

15.  Auto thread trimming machine

16.  Vacuum table

17.  Weight scale

18.  Spotting gun

19.  Air spray gun & steam spray gun

20.  Heat Transfer Machine

21.  Plastic Stapler Machine

22.  Pull Testing Machine

23.  Spot Removing Machine with Vacuum & Light

24.  Needle Detector Machine

25.  Barcode scanning Machine

Others important machines used in garments industry

1.      Embroidery Machine

2.      Fabrics Printing Machine

3.      Fusing machine

4.      Fork Lift

5.      Fabric Inspection Machine

6.      Digital Hygrometer

7.      Color Cabinet

Types of machinery used in the utility section 

Utility department contains the following machines:

  1. Fire-tube Boiler
  2. Generator
  3. Compressor
  4. Air Conditioner
  5. Boiler gas burner
  6. Boiler filter
  7. Water filter
  8. Boiler blowdown
  9. Heating arrangement
  10. Boiler pressure control system
  11. Different parts of a generator
  12. Gas feeding system
  13. Exhaust system
  14. Filter
  15. Compressor moisture management system
  16. Air duct & conditioning of air
  17. Dryer Machine (Gas)

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