Index Wheel

The index wheel is a circular disk that is attached to the outside of the cylinder shaft in a comber machine. It is divided into 40 equal parts or teeth, which are numbered from 1 to 40. The pointer on the index wheel indicates the current index number, which is used as a reference for selecting the position, motion, and adjustment limits of various components of the comber machine.

Each index number on the index wheel corresponds to a specific position, motion, and adjustment limit of the nipper comb, cylinder, and other components of the comber machine. For example, index number 1 may be used to set the initial position of the nipper comb, while index number 10 may be used to adjust the speed of the cylinder.

The operator of the comber machine selects the appropriate index number based on the requirements of the particular process or product being manufactured. The index number is entered into the machine’s control system, which then adjusts the timing and motion of the various components of the comber machine accordingly.

The use of the index wheel ensures that the comber machine operates at optimal efficiency and produces high-quality combed slivers. It also allows for easy adjustment and maintenance of the machine, as the operator can quickly and easily change the index number to make adjustments as needed.

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