Double Lift Single Cylinder Jacquard(DLSC)

Double Lift Single Cylinder Jacquard (DLSC) is a type of weaving machine used in the textile industry to create complex patterns in fabric. It is a combination of a single cylinder jacquard and a dobby loom.

The DLSC machine uses a double lift mechanism to control the warp threads and a single cylinder to control the weft threads. This allows for greater flexibility in the patterns that can be created, as well as greater efficiency in production.

The machine works by lifting certain warp threads at different points in the weaving process, which creates the desired pattern. The weft thread is then woven through the lifted warp threads, creating the patterned fabric.

DLSC machines are used to create a wide variety of fabrics, including damasks, brocades, and other intricate designs. They are commonly used in the production of high-end textiles such as upholstery, curtains, and clothing.


  • The double lift single cylinder jacquard has two sets of knives each mounted in a grifte
  • The two grifts move up and down in opposition over a two-pick cycle.
  • A 600 m/c has 1200 hooks and each needle controls two hooks A coupling component is joined with two hooks and one neck cord is joined with the coupling.
  • The needles have doubled cranked eyes As the two neighboring hooks are coupled to a single neck cord, every end is controlled in every picks by two alternate hooks and grifte.

Working Principle:

  • When there is a hole in the punch card, one of the hooks lift the warp thread to the top shed line.
  • Fig:1.2>A hook is top position (warp up) & B hook is lower position. Here knife is also situated in the lower position because of B hook.
  • When A hook moves downward, B hook moves upward & dead weight is transformed from A hook to B hook.
  • If there is no hole in the punch card then B hook is disengaged from the needle. A hook is a little bit moved & goes to the upward position by the knife.
  • Thus Double Lift Single Cylinder Jacquard(DLSC) is worked.


  1. Versatility: DLSC machines can create a wide range of intricate patterns and designs, making them ideal for the production of high-end textiles that require complex patterns and details.
  2. Efficiency: The double lift mechanism and single cylinder design of the DLSC machine allows for faster and more efficient production of patterned fabrics compared to other types of jacquard looms.
  3. Precision: DLSC machines are capable of producing highly precise patterns and designs, with consistent results across multiple runs.
  4. Durability: The DLSC machine is built with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand heavy use, making it a durable and reliable investment for textile manufacturers.
  5. Cost-effective: While DLSC machines can be more expensive than other types of weaving machines, their versatility, efficiency, and durability can ultimately make them a cost-effective investment for textile manufacturers in the long run.

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