Do you know how to pronounce lingerie?

BRA, Panty, Underwear Vs Taboo!

If you are a student of textiles, a question for you, what is the pronunciation of lingerie?

– Say Lingiri, Longiri, or something close. right?

In our varsities, the basic idea of T-shirt, shirt, pant, polo shirt is given but at the same time no idea is given about some very promising garment items.
We don’t even know the exact pronunciation of Lingerie.

Among them, with lingerie (Lingerie) garments, there is a taboo going on in our universities. Lingerie garments are treated as prohibited garments. Students get shy just hearing the names of these items. Teachers also hesitate to give lectures on these garments. As a result, our knowledge about lingerie is in Shun’s quota! I didn’t get any idea about Bra, Boxer, Under wear in my varsity life.

The worldwide lingerie market is huge.
Each year in the USA alone, $62 billion worth of lingerie items are sold!

Although Bangladesh is 2nd in RMG export, Bangladesh’s position in lingerie export is 5th!

But the good news is that the export of lingerie in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. According to the source, Bangladesh exported 350 million US dollars in 2019, which is 700+ million US dollars in 2022! Lingerie is the most promising & rising garment item of Bangladesh. Career growth in lingerie is also very good.

We should bring at least some knowledge about lingerie as students.
What are the names of any parts of Bra, Boxer, underwear, what type of material is used, grading system, operational layout, Smv calculation, Different stitches used in lingerie, etc etc. If you know these basic things, you will be a little ahead of others.

Eakub Hossen Hridoy
Assistant Product Development Merchandiser,
Apex Holdings Ltd.
SKTEC 1st Batch.

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