Different Types Of Thread Packages

Based on the winding pattern, yarn packages can be grouped under three
categories: parallel,near-parallel and cross-wound packages.

  • Parallel wound packages:
    These packages are similar to warp beams; there are many yarns, which
    are parallel to each other. For these packages, flanges or shoulders are
    necessary to prevent yarn instabilities.The application of this type of
    the package is limited.
  • Near-parallel packages:
    In this type of package, there is usually one yarn end that is wound on the
    package.A near-parallel wound package is not self-supported. Therefore,
    for stability, the ends of the package need tapering, flanges or shoulders.
  • Cross-wound packages: A single yarn end is wound on the package at a considerable helix angle, which is generally Less than 800. This type of winding provides package stability and, therefore, there is no need to taper or flange the edges.

Spools – Spools contain relatively short yardage and have thread wounds in a parallel position. Spools have a flange on either end that interferes with off-winding on industrial machines. Spools are designed for home sewing use.

Cops  Cops are used primarily on lockstitch machines where a variety of colors are used and production runs in any one color are short. Thread is cross-wound on cops or small tubes to increase in off-winding.

Cones – Cones are symmetric, tapered forms made of paper or plastic that hold over 5,000 meters of cross-wound thread. Cones provide good off-winding performance for high-speed machines. Cones are the most economical packages for sewing threads in situations when thread consumption is high and production runs are long with limited shade changes.

Vicones or king tubes  Vicones or king tubes may be parallel tubes or low-angle cones with a flange at the bottom, which is designed to contain spillage of smooth or continuous filament threads during of winding.

Containers – Containers are designed to handle lively monofilament threads that may be difficult to control with traditional packages. Very large spools of thread may have lubricant applied as the thread is off-wound.

Cocoons – Cocoons are centerless thread packages designed for insertion in shuttleless of multi-needle quilting machines and some types of embroidery machine.

Prewound bobbins – These are precision-wound packages designed to replace metal bobbins in lockstitch machines. Generally, more thread is available and the length is more consistent on prewound bobbins than on operator wound bobbins. Downtime is minimized by eliminating time for winding bobbins. Off winding is also improved because of precision winding. Prewound bobbins are available in different thread types and sizes for different models of machines.

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