Different Types of Fabrics Used in T-Shirts

When placing an order for T-shirts or considering starting a T-shirt brand or manufacturing business, it’s important to understand the common fabric options used in T-shirt production. T-shirts are primarily made from knitted fabrics, which offer a wide range of choices. The challenge lies in determining which specific fabrics are suitable for T-shirts within the realm of knits. Generally, T-shirt fabrics predominantly consist of 100% cotton yarns. However, polyester fabrics and blends incorporating spandex are also utilized in T-shirt manufacturing.

Common T-Shirt fabrics used based on knitting structure  

  • Single Jersey
  • Double Jersey
  • 1X1 Ribs
  • 2X2 Ribs: Ribs can be also used in neck finishing in a single jersey T-Shirt. 

Common fabrics categories based on fiber content

In cotton fabric are also categories based on fiber fineness. Whether the yarn is combed or simply carded.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Modal fabric
  • Cotton/Lycra

Common fabrics based on fabric patterns

  • Plain and solid dyed fabric in all the above categories.
  • Yarn-dyed fabrics. You may be seen horizontally colored stripes on T-shirts. Those patterns are made of yarn-dyed fabrics. 
  • Printed fabric (allover and motifs) – One can use allover printed knit fabrics for Tees. Printing can be done in the fabric stage or it can be done in the garment process. Instead of an all-over design, for a single design or logos on the T-shirt, you can be made t-shirt with solid color Single Jersey first and later print the required design in cutting panels, after cutting the fabric pattern and prior to sewing the garment. 

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