Difference between Tappet, Dobby, and Jacquard Shedding Mechanism

Difference Between Tappet Shedding, Dobby Shedding, and Jacquard Shedding:

SL No.Tappet SheddingDobby SheddingJacquard Shedding
01Simplest design capacity.Medium i.e. complex design capacity.Elaborate i.e. very complex design capacity.
02Most costly weaving loom.Less costly weaving loom.Very less costly loom.
03Loom speed is very high.Loom speed is medium to high.Loom speed is slow.
04Max. No. of heald shafts are 14.Theoretically, it can control max. 48 heald frames. In the case of wool, particularly 36 healds and in cotton-24Theoretically, it can control any no. of warp thread individually.
05Tappet is placed generally below the loom.Dobby is placed generally above the loom.Jacquard is placed normally above the loom.
06Lowest cost of production.Lower production cost.The cost of production is low.
07Different tappets are fitted to the bottom shaft for different designs.For different designs, different designs of pegging legs are placed on a pattern drum or cylinder.Different designed pinches cards are placed on cylinders for different designs.
08Production is more than dobby.Less production.Less production.

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