Crystal Art Board

This competition will be held in two categories:

  1. Junior Level (School)
  2. Senior Level (College, University)

⏩ Topic: Participants can choose from the following two topics for their artwork submissions:

  1. Hand Art Work
  2. Calligraphy

▶️ Instructions for Submission: To participate in the competition, please upload your artwork in the “Crystalline Textile Solution” group on Facebook, along with the following information:
🔰 Full Name
🔰 Name of Educational Institution/Workplace
🔰 A beautiful caption for your artwork (will be considered for judging)
🔰 Participation is allowed in only one category.
🔰 You can submit only one artwork and multiple submissions will not be accepted.
🔰 Artwork images should be in JPG/JPEG format.

👉 It is mandatory to include the following hashtags in your post: 

#CrystalArtBoard and #CrystallineTextileSolution.

➡️ You need to fill out the mandatory registration form for posting in the group.

☢️ Important Note: You must share your post on your own timeline.

⛔ In each category, three winners will be selected and rewarded. Additionally, certificates will be given to the top 10 participants.

🔘 Scoring will be based on a total of 100 points: — 20 points for public reactions (Facebook reactions) — 30 points for caption relevance (judges’ evaluation) — 50 points for the artwork itself (judges’ evaluation)

🔘 Apart from the top six winners in both categories, the first 20 participants will receive certificates.

Registration Link:

🚫 Submission deadline: August 3, 2023

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