Chinese exports of polyester filament yarn to India experienced a significant decline of 71.5% in the month of July.

In July 2023, the steepest decline in Chinese exports of polyester filament yarn (PFY) was observed in their shipments to India, plunging by 71.5% compared to June 2023, totaling 12,000 tons.

According to data from China customs, the overall PFY exports in July 2023 amounted to 305,000 tons, marking a 10% month-on-month decrease or a reduction of 34,000 tons.

Experts noted that the drop in China’s PFY exports in July was anticipated, as the Indian government had not yet confirmed the extension of the Quality Control Order (QCO) for polyester yarn.

In July 2023, China’s exports of Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) to India declined by 18,000 tons, contributing to the total reduction of 24,000 tons of POY during that month.

Meanwhile, shipments of Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) to India in the same period decreased by 9,000 tons, with the total FDY exports experiencing a 24,000-ton decline.

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