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The Rise of 3D Knitting in Furniture Design

3D knitting is a cutting-edge method in textile production, crafting fabrics in three dimensions using computer-controlled machines. Unlike traditional methods, it creates intricate structures directly from the machine, eliminating additional cutting and sewing. Morgan, a contemporary British brand, applied 3D knitting for its Aran lounge chair in collaboration with textile manufacturer Camira. Inspired by Aran…

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Join Us as a Campus Ambassador for Crystalline Textile Solutions at BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology!

Are you a dynamic and enthusiastic student at BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) looking to expand your horizons and make a difference? Crystalline Textile Solutions invites passionate individuals to join us as Campus Ambassadors and be a part of our journey toward innovation and excellence in the textile industry! About CTS: Crystalline Textile…

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