Bangladesh Achieves Milestone with 200 Eco-Friendly Clothing Factories

Dhaka, August 9, 2023 (BSS): Bangladesh has achieved a milestone by establishing 200 environmentally-friendly factories in the garment manufacturing sector. Currently, Bangladesh has obtained international recognition for 200 clothing factories as environmentally-friendly establishments.

According to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), two more factories received the environmentally-friendly certification on past Monday. This achievement marks a significant advancement toward establishing eco-friendly factories. The newly certified factories are “Lida Textile and Dyeing” and “Lees Fashion Industry Limited,” located in Gazipur.

BGMEA President Faruk Hasan stated, “This is a significant milestone for us on the path to sustainable manufacturing.”

Since the Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013, entrepreneurs in Bangladesh’s garment industry have been paying special attention to ensuring safe working environments. The interest in establishing environmentally-friendly factories has been growing, resulting in Bangladesh having the highest number of certified eco-friendly factories among apparel-producing nations.

Sajjadur Rahman, a pioneer in the garment industry, initiated the journey of eco-friendly factories in Bangladesh in 2012 by establishing “Vintage Denim Studio” in Ishwardi, Pabna. His example has led to the emergence of over 200 environmentally-friendly factories in the country, not only in garment production but also in shipbuilding, footwear, electronics, and commercial buildings.

Many international organizations recognize eco-friendly establishments. One of them is the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which provides Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for green buildings.

To receive LEED certification, a project needs to follow strict guidelines from construction to production across various aspects to ensure high standards. This involves constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones according to USGBC principles. LEED certification has different levels: “Platinum” for scores above 80, “Gold” for scores between 60-79, “Silver” for scores between 50-59, and “Certified” for scores between 40-49. Bangladesh’s 200 certified clothing factories include 73 Platinum, 113 Gold, 10 Silver, and 4 Certified.

Among the top 100 eco-friendly factories globally, the highest number is in Bangladesh. Among the top 110, Bangladesh has 104 factories. The highest-ranked eco-friendly factory globally is “Green Textile Limited” in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, having achieved 104 points out of 110. Eight of the top ten eco-friendly factories are also from Bangladesh, including Remi Holdings, Fattulla Apparels, Lida Textile and Dyeing, Lees Fashion Industry, Tarasima Apparels, Plummy Fashions, and Silkken Swing.

According to BGMEA Director Mahiuddin Rubel, more than half, or 53 out of 100, of the world’s top eco-friendly factories are from Bangladesh. He mentioned that as of April, 195 factories in Bangladesh had obtained the eco-friendly certification. In late May, Tangail’s “Bars A&E” and June’s “Unirvasel Jeans” and “Pacific Knitex” in Chattogram received eco-friendly certification. Additionally, several more factories are in the pipeline for certification.

As of last Monday, with the certification of two more factories, the number of eco-friendly factories producing garments and textiles has reached 200. BGMEA has noted that there are more factories in the pipeline, indicating a positive trend toward environmentally-conscious manufacturing.

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